Law office Ivan Simic provides the following legal services:


  • Drafting all kind of contracts;
  • Representation in the proceedings for compensation for damages;
  • Representation in real estate transactions: sale/purchase of immovable or movables;
  • Registration of your immovable properties in the land registers on the territory of whole, Republic of Serbia, registration and erase of
  • mortgage from the register, etc;
  • Representation in the procedure of acquiring construction permits;
  • Representation in the procedure of legalization of objects;
  • Inheritance law (drafting of testaments, agreement on life support, representing in probate proceedings, etc );
  • Protection of child rights;
  • Representation in paternity and maternity disputes, custody and alimony disputes;
  • Representation in divorce and marriage dissolution proceedings;
  • Division of marital property;
  • Protection of other property rights;
  • Protection of rights arising from the employment;
  • Protection of authorship right and right of intellectual property (protection of patent, trade mark, model, pattern, geographical origin);
  • Representation in proceedings for damages for violation of the Law on Public Information;
  • Defense in Criminal proceedings;
  • Defense of juveniles in criminal proceedings;
  • Representation of injure parties in criminal proceedings.


Employemnt law

  • Drafting employment agreements;
  • Preparation of the redundancy program;
  • Advising on all employment issues;
  • Production of by-laws ( Rules of procedure, Rules about sistematization of work places ).

Commercial law

  • Drafting all kind of commercial agreement;
  • Representation in negotiations, settlement of claims, foreclosure of claims;
  • Representation in the enforcement proceedings.

Insolvency law

  • Representation in insolvency proceedings;
  • Preparation of the plan for reorganization in insolvency proceedings.

Corporate law

  • Establishing of company;
  • Representation before the Serbian Business Agency;
  • Representation before the state administration (Ministries and other public authorities);
  • Representation before the tax authorities;
  • Representation before the land registry-cadastre;
  • Transactions of shares of the limited liability companies (transfer of shares, share purchase agreements, etc );
  • All kinds of status changes and other legal changes;
  • Merger and Acquisitions;
  • Spin offs;
  • Status changes ( joining, annexation, divison, segregation – with all modes );
  • Representation in procedure of liquidation.

Administrative law and Public procurement law and ad

  • Representation in administrative procedures and administrative dispute proceeding
  • Protection of bidder’s right in the procedure of public procurement

Dispute resolution

  • Representing in all kind of proceeding before all courts in Republic of Serbia especially employment related litigation, commercial litigation, insurance litigation, shareholder disputes, IP litigation disputes, etc;
  • Out of court dispute settlements;
  • Negotiation and mediation